A choice in Ferguson & Sons is a choice in a top-tier asphalt service.   Ground conditions, drainage patterns, and weather scenarios are considered for each project we are hired for.  This ensures that material will be of value and serve its purpose for more than just a few years.  Most of the tear-out projects we take on are fixing other company's mistakes:

repair pot holes parking lot

Large holes caused by poor  understanding of ground foundation

Thin Asphalt Driveway

An thin and unrepairable asphalt driveway torn out and measured at 1.5" 


Winter conditions that allow pavement to flex and create multiple pot holes

"Any company can install asphalt, concrete, and simple patch work.  The material installed always looks rich and smooth in the beginning, but see what happens in 3 years.  That's the difference.  Our driveways last 15-25 years.  If a client wants quality, then I'm going to deliver.  That's my promise. "

-Jeff Ferguson. Owner & Operator for 30 Years.

What We Specialize In

Residential Driveways

Finished Driveway

Commercial Parking Lots

Patch Work Parking Lot

Walkways & Special Projects

Concrete Stairs