In 1977, our family decided to purchase asphalt equipment to manage their own driveways and local parking lots.  Today, this simple investment has grown into a premium asphalt provider that has contributed greatly to the community.  Still family owned and operated, Ferguson & Sons has exceeded expectations for thousands of customers and continues to provide excellence to each new project.  Ferguson & Sons offers a simple promise: outstanding craftsmanship that can be enjoyed and depended on for years.

38 Years' Experience


What does it take to be the best?  In our eyes, it's overcoming every challenge that presents itself.   Asphalt and concrete maintenance is much more than manipulating stone and reveal unexpected obstacles.  Count on our experience to carefully plan and strategically execute your project to meet the quality you deserve. 


Seasoned Crew


Taught from training and real life experience, our family values the process in asphalt and concrete. The knowledge handed down from a grandfather to a father to son is the kind of knowledge you will want to trust. Our fundamental motto: "A job done well... and done once" is something you will recognize from each patch, driveway, and concrete job you encounter.  

Build the Road to Your Castle

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"Build the Road to Your Castle" is our campaign that started in 1990.  As a family business that started from humble means, we value working towards our goals.  We hope you place your trust with us to provide a driveway that complements your achievements.